An effective irrigation system is often a crucial feature in your landscape. A poor watering schedule or no watering schedule can lead to poor plant growth or dead and dying plant material. Moreover, an irrigation system set to a timer can be a huge savings through the conservation of water as your plants, shrubbery, trees, and lawn can be timed to get the correct amount of water it needs. An irrigation system can be set to water your landscape in the early morning hours when more water will be absorbed by your landscape rather than just evaporated into the air.

Our landscape team can install a new irrigation/sprinkler system for you. We can also help you to refurbish, maintain, or extend an existing irrigation system.


Where land is flat, soils are dense or the water table is high, a well-designed drainage system is a priority. Without proper drainage solutions in place, water may collect to undermine structures and drown expensive plants, turning parts of your new landscape into perpetually wet swamps. In addition, rain, runoff, and subsurface water movement can result in significant damage to residential foundations. Effective management of surface and subsurface water is critical in minimizing foundation movement.

Our Drainage Specialist can provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your drainage problem!